The object of art is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity. 
::: Alberto Giacometti :::


Cat 'n' Mouse
oil 12" square

What people are saying
about the art of R. Garriott:

"...exquisite "freshness and sparkle"
~ Madden Museum juror Victoria Kwasinski

"Your pieces are better than prozac - they always lift my mood!!" ~ C. Thom, collector

"...Splendid, "close-up and personal" oil paintings..." ~ The Denver Post

"...Vibrant, grand scale canvases..."
~ Out Front

"Bold flower forms radiate color...capturing the brilliance of light through petals..."
~ Rocky Mountain News

"...captivating play of light and shadow across the canvas that succeeds in achieving a three-dimensional and tactile quality." ~ Studio 1818

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